FASUG Application Development Day 2006

Track B Session 2

WDSc (Edit/Compile/Debug) for RPG and COBOL Programmers

WDSc (Edit/Compile/Debug) for RPG and COBOL Programmers

Come discover the new tools for developing RPG, COBOL, CL and DDS code. These tools are a follow on to the PDM, SEU, SDA, RLU and System Debugger tools, and are developed by the same team in Toronto that brought you PDM and friends. Dive into the Remote System Explorer (RSE) tools and see how they can definitely improve your day-today productivity. Get expert advice on how to obtain guaranteed clean compiles, cursor-sensitive F1 access to reference manuals, and the ability to list the fields in an F-spec file. Find out what all PDM users already have unlimited licenses for, and learn what's new in latest 6.0 release.

Web Page: Ashway Consulting, LLC.