FASUG Application Development Day 2006

Track D Session 2

iSeries Access for Web: Tips and Techniques

iSeries Access for Web: Tips and Techniques

iSeries Access for Web is growing in popularity as an extremely simple and highly functional way to connect to a System i through a browser connection, as it provides easy access to System i resources with little administrator effort or end-user training. With iSeries Access for Web, users can convert spooled files to PDF, and work with the database, printers, and the file system. This session will cover tips and techniques on how to incorporate iSeries Access for Web functions into normal mainstream processing and provide added capabilities for end users. Additionally, it will describe new functions included in the V5R4 release. You will learn many ways to further exploit the capabilities provided in iSeries Access for Web. (Note this session does not cover the 5250 emulator function in iSeries Access for Web, which is in session 4D, "iSeries Access for Web: Run 5250 in a Browser.")

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