FASUG Application Development Day 2006

Track A Session 3

iSeries Strategies for the 21st Century

iSeries Strategies for the 21st Century

From the AS/400 to the i5, the iSeries has evolved continuously for 17 years. Computing and applications have evolved as well. Now that we are in the 21st century, it time to reexamine the role the iSeries plays in our computing infrastructure. This session looks at how to expand the visibility and viability of the iSeries in your organization and to reduce cost and improve performance by understanding IBM's iSeries strategy and emerging products. Discover how to determine whatís best for your company, how to leverage your skills and what technologies to invest in. IBM's direction with the i5 and future versions of i5/OS are covered. Information presented is based on real life experiences, both successes and failures, with a variety of applications areas and business types.

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