FASUG Application Development Day 2006

Track C Session 5

I Didnít Know You Could Do That Using SQL

I Didnít Know You Could Do That Using SQL

Tired of writing a one-time RPG or Cobol program with many lines of code to do special or unique things with your tables and data? In many cases you can use SQL instead. In this session you will learn valuable and time saving techniques with SQL that let you avoid writing code. You will learn how to use SQL Subquery or Subselect in an SQL SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement to reference multiple tables without having to do a join of the tables involved. You will learn how to summarize data, identify potential duplicate records in a table, and more. This session is based on the SQL function available in V5R4 of OS/400, assumes you have a basic understanding of relational database concepts and SQL, and assumes you are familiar with using the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

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