FASUG Application Development Day 2006


GEORGE FARR   joined the IBM Toronto Laboratory in May 1985, and for seven years he worked with the RPG development team where he developed many functions in the compiler. After spending a year with the AS/400 languages architecture and planning team, he joined the visual development organization as the compiler development team leader for the first release of VARPG. Following that he became the technical manager for all of the RPG compilers on the iSeries and Windows platforms. Currently he is the overall solution manager for all of the compilers as well as the tools for System i which includes RPG and WDSc. George is an award-winning speaker who frequently presents at COMMON, conferences, and user groups worldwide. He has published numerous articles on the subject of AS/400 languages and environments. In addition, he has authored many books, including ILE: A First Look; RPG IV By Example; and most recently, he co-authored with Phil Coulthard the books Java for RPG Programmers and Java for COBOL Programmers on OS/390 and OS/400.

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