FASUG Application Development Day 2008

Track B Session 3

The Art of Debugging: Thinking Outside the Developer's Toolbox
Charlie Guarino

The Art of Debugging: Thinking Outside the Developer's Toolbox

A program ends in error. The users and management are frustrated. Reports are printing incorrectly, or the database is out of sync. This session explores some of the many tricks and techniques available to the programmer to help improve the debugging and problem resolution cycle. We will debug a program step by step using both the green screen and RDi debuggers. In addition, learn how to quickly identify relevant system information and use it constructively and creatively to find the cause of everyday problems. Some examples discussed are how to create a bullet proof test environment, break a running program loop without ending a program, and using the system debugger effectively. Real world field tested examples that you can take back and use immediately. Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to improve their debugging and testing skills.
  • Learn how to get around some of the 'gotchas' you encounter day after day.
Audience: All programmers who wish to broaden their debugging toolkit. A great session to learn new skills or use existing skills in a new way.

Web Page: Ashway Consulting, LLC.