FASUG Application Development Day 2008


Trevor Perry   has been a consultant in the midrange industry for over 20 years. He is currently CTO at KMR Systems Corporation, an ISV based on Long Island, New York. He is the Community and Networking leader at COMMON, and is a member of the iSociety Foundation. He has been a popular speaker at industry conferences and user groups for fifteen years on many technical and keynote subjects, and forges new trails with his motivational sessions. Trevor has won several speaking awards - including a COMMON gold medal with his session titled "Get A Life!".

Trevor's unique sense of humor and presentation style are one of the many reasons audiences return to his sessions. His Australian heritage, diverse consulting background, acting and improvisational experiences provide Trevor with a rare viewpoint that is entertaining and always informative. To indulge himself outside of the workplace, Trevor is a part time professional speaker, writer, emcee, actor, director, and poet and is on a lifelong search for the ultimate coffee bean.

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