Print, e-Print and Infoprint Designer
Sharon Foster, IBM Boulder, CO

April 23rd, 2002 FASUG Meeting

V5R1 provided more change in iSeries output capabilities than any previous release, with major new function in OS/400 and PSF/400, and new products in Infoprint Server for iSeries, Infoprint Designer for iSeries, and Content Manager Common Server. V5R2 continues to deliver more, with a focus on "e-output". Included are new options in PDF and e-mail, complete flexibility with mail servers, new ease-of-use interface to PDF and e-mail functions, PDF support in Web Access, PDF and e-mail support in iSeries Access, enhanced Infoprint Designer, enhanced print transforms, integrated 2D barcode, Internet Print Protocol (IPP) client support, and more.

Infoprint Designer for iSeries is the new comprehensive output design system for iSeries. It was announced at V5R1 and is available at V4R5 or later. In this presentation, you will see Infoprint Designer used to design and produce business documents with overlays, images, barcodes and complex formatting. While there will be a step-by-step demo, you will be free to ask any questions regarding your particular output application. Infoprint Designer is fully graphical (Windows-based) with complete iSeries integration.

This session provides an overview of what's new with V5R2 in print and e-Print. Also have opportunity to see Infoprint Designer for iSeries put through the paces

Sharon Foster is Senior Brand Manager for iSeries printing solutions. In this capacity, she is responsible for performing worldwide marketing and product management activities for portfolio of printing and output related software products on the iSeries platform. This includes ensuring that the iSeries printing software technologies needed to support IBM’s overall business strategies are healthy and on-track, and for presenting emerging technologies for inclusion in the business strategy.

Ms. Foster joined IBM in 1977 as a cost engineer in the Federal System Division, Owego, New York. Her responsibilities included cost estimating hardware, software, system integration contracts on new business proposals for federal contracts (LAMPS, TRIDENT Q5 Sonor Systems, NAVAIR, NAVSEA), etc..

In 1981, she transferred to Boulder, CO and became a S/34-38 System Engineer with a large install base in a remote territory that included Colorado and Wyoming.

In 1993 she became a member of the newly forming Printing Systems Division Professional Services Group as a iSeries printing perform resources. She was responsible for developing professional services contracts, project managing those contracts to a successful completion, and in many cases performing those iSeries professional services contracts.

Beginning 1999, Sharon became manager of the Professional Services Group with management responsibility which include a group of 15 highly technically skilled consultants, program and project manager, as well as revenue and gross profit responsibility.

Sharon has a husband and two sons age 11 and 16. She loves to ski, mountain bike read and run.

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