WebSphere What the Heck is it?
Gary Vandergrift, IBM

April 15th, 2003 FASUG Meeting

WebSphere what is it? How would you use it? Confusion around WebSphere often arises because it used to be a product, someone thought it was a good name so they made it a brand. There are many products under the WebSphere brand now. Come and see how WebSphere can help you address your business needs. Connect applications, connect people, make your business easy to work with so people will come back. These and more are functions available to provide solutions to today's business problems. Bring your new ideas to market faster. Bring your business to the web. Grow at the pace you like, at the speed you need and the size you want to become. Come and see what WebSphere can do for your business.

Gary Vandergrift has held many positions in IBM over his 34 years. Not many of them for very long. Gary has worked in Manufacturing, Repair, Education, Engineering, Sales, Management and now the Channel, recruiting companies to adopt WebSphere. His current title is Business Partner Recruitment Manager - WebSphere Northeast - DE, NE, NJ, NY, Eastern PA

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