Enhancements Coming in V5R3
Guy Vig, IBM

April 20th, 2004 FASUG Meeting

CL is the command language for the iSeries (and the AS/400 and the System/38 before it). There have been many suggestions for improvements and additions to the language, but it has been a rather long time since anything new was added. Yes, new commands have been added, but little has been done in almost 20 years (System/38 CPF Release 5) when we got support for one (1) database file in a CL program. OK, OK, I do remember that the CALLPRC command was added when ILE was integrated into CL but these new enhancements are MUCH more than that. Well, all that sameness is changing now . . . the next release of OS/400 will offer new structured programming elements and significant new features. Come on in and hear the man in charge of CL himself tell you what's coming soon.

Note: we are NOT allowed to tell you whether this will be "PTFed back" to V5R2 so you can use it much sooner than you might otherwise think.

Guy Vig is a senior software engineer with IBM Systems Group and has worked in Rochester, Minnesota and Toronto, Ontario on various parts of the operating system and compiler products for System/38, AS/400, and iSeries since joining IBM in 1978. Since 1992, he was been a member of the software Design Control Group (DCG) for AS/400 and iSeries. As a member, and later the leader, of the DCG team, his areas of responsibility have included new and changed CL commands and software release-to-release compatibility. For V5R1, he coordinated the addition of two graphical user interface (GUI) CL command prompters, one in iSeries Navigator and the other in iSeries Access for Web. As the CL Architect, he has worked on revitalizing the CL language on iSeries.

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