What's Hot, New and Different
for Backup/Recovery on i5, iSeries and AS/400

Debbie Saugen, IBM

April 19, 2005 FASUG Meeting

Find out what new things you must know for the very latest releases on the i5, iSeries and AS/ 400 to ensure you have a good backup strategy. Learn what changes need to be made to update your disaster recovery plans. New, exciting changes for Backup/ Recovery for the latest releases are highlighted. This session also takes you through some example backup strategies and the steps needed to recover your system after a system failure or disaster.

By the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  1. Make necessary changes to your disaster recovery plans.
  2. Ensure you have a good backup strategy.
  3. Understand necessary steps to recover your system after a system failure or disaster.

Our Speaker is Debbie Saugen, Technical Owner of i5, iSeries and AS/ 400 Backup and Recovery in the Rochester,MN Development Lab. She is also a Senior Business Recovery Architect/Consultant with IBM's Business Continuity and Recovery Services. Debbie ensures the Backup and Recovery Solution meets the customer's requirements in capability and usability. She does actual Backup/ Recovery testing using the new functions, products and publications. As a recognized expert on Backup and Recovery worldwide, Debbie enjoys sharing her knowledge by speaking at Common, Technical Conferences, Business Continuity and Recovery Conferences, User Group Conferences and writing for various magazines, books and websites.

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