Introduction to PHP (on System i5)
Steve Will, IBM

April 18, 2006 FASUG Meeting

Recent surveys show that more than 16,000,000 Web sites use PHP as a server side scripting language. Easy to learn, extremely robust and scalable, PHP can be used for the most demanding of applications, and delivers excellent performance even at high loads. This session will introduce you to PHP, and tell you how it fits on System i5. Discover a world of available download PHP applications to quickly get your iSeries hosting a wiki, blog, shopping cart, or message board. To put together a cutting-edge Web site, chock full of all the latest bells and whistles, this is one acronym you really need to know: PHP.

Our Speaker, Steve Will, has worked at IBM in Rochester, Minnesota since 1984. Joining the company with a BA from Luther College and a MS from Purdue University, his first assignments were on low-level communications protocols between the components of the system which would become the AS/400. Since then, Steve has worked on technologies at every layer of OS/400 and i5/OS, from Display Station Passthrough, to the Mail Server Framework, to Security. He has also lead the development of products which run on the iSeries such as the Apache Server and various Software Group deliveries such as Websphere Business Integration. Steve was the lead architect of the digital signature technology which provides unsurpassed integrity for the OS/400 and i5/OS operating systems. Steve is currently a System Chief Engineering Manager for i5 software, responsible for strategy and planning. His particular emphases are on integration and middleware.

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