PHP for Batch Jobs on IBM i
Alan Seiden, Strategic Business Systems, Inc.

April 20, 2010 FASUG Meeting

PHP is famous for its ability to build web-based front ends, but it's also a flexible tool to use within batch processes. Alan will show how to accomplish marvelous tasks by calling PHP from ordinary CL programs.

Examples of PHP in batch situations will include:

Alan will show how this is done for both Zend Core and its new version, Zend Server.

First, Alan will provide a preview of Zend Server and a demo of how to get started developing your own PHP applications.

Our Speaker:

Alan Seiden helps companies implement PHP-based solutions on IBM i. Specialties include Zend Framework and performance tuning. He is senior developer and consultant at Strategic Business Systems, Inc., a partner of IBM and Zend.

In 2009, Alan was honored with the IBM/COMMON Power Systems Innovation Award for “Best Web Application,” for Allied Beverage Group’s e-commerce site, developed with the team at Strategic Business Systems, using PHP and Zend Framework on IBM i.

Alan has been using PHP on the i since 2005 (even before Zend Core). Being an early adopter and advocate of PHP-based web applications on IBM i, he was a charter member of IBM/COMMON’s PHP Advisory Board and served as a consultant for the IBM manual PHP: Zend Core for i5/OS.

He has spoken about PHP on the "i" at many user groups, including Northeast System i User Groups, New York PHP, Chicago OMNI, and ZendCon, delivering what one participant called "an upbeat message about what we can accomplish." More at

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