The Who, What and Why of Application Modernization

Alison Butterill, IBM

April 23, 2019 FASUG Meeting

Session Abstract:
According to Wikipedia, Legacy transformation aims to retain and extend the value of the legacy investment. This is exactly the modernization scenario that makes sense for IBM i. Delivering value to the business is the fundamental paradigm for modernization. Whether its to include a modern interfaces, mobile support, new analytics or to extend to knee of the new cognitive technologies, IBM i can support the evolution. IBM i is perfectly positioned to be the foundation for the future. Who, what, and why are the best questions to ask when it comes to modernization. Alison will review current industry trends and reveal how to rev up your application development practices into the modern world.

Alison Butterill is the Worldwide IBM i Product Offering Manager working for IBM Power Systems. She works with the IBM i marketing and development teams to ensure that the IBM i Operating System reflects client requirements. Having worked in the mid-range area for more than 25 years, Alison has held a wide variety of positions at IBM, primarily with midrange servers and software. She has held a range of positions including field Systems Engineer, an instructor in Customer Technical Education, national support representative for IBM Canada, and Worldwide Technical Marketing support rep for the development tools and compilers from the IBM Toronto Laboratory. Alison is a regular speaker at user group events, technical conferences, COMMON events and IBM customers in many countries around the world.

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