Debugging and Application Recovery

Charles Guarino, Central Park Data Systems, Inc.

December 12, 2006 FASUG Meeting

A well rounded programmer not only knows how to code efficiently, but also how to research and resolve the errors that are bound to occur. Attend this session to learn many field tested techniques that are essential for application recovery and problem solving.

Some topics discussed are:
  • How to debug someone else's running job
  • Creating a bullet-proof test environment
  • Making the best use of system job logs
  • Helpful shortcuts to creating test data from production data
  • Predetermining record format level checks
  • Quick methods of fixing invalid decimal data in database records
Lots of easy to understand slides are used in this fast paced entertaining session.

With an IT career spanning over 24 years, Charles Guarino has been a consultant for 20 of them. Other responsibilities have included Adult Education instructor, and IT Director, building a staff from the ground up.
He is currently the President of Central Park Data Systems, Inc., a Long Island based IBM midrange consulting company, now in its 12th year. He has published several technical articles, served as a member of AS/400 Management Magazine Editorial Review Board, and has received recognition as a COMMON Speaker of Merit.
Charles is also a member of LISUG and participates as a member of its board.

Charles can be reached at

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