How to be an IT Survivor

Trevor Perry

December 11, 2007 FASUG Meeting

Do you know that your job will look like in 5 years? 10 years? Will you be kicked off the island? Are you the weakest link? The IT industry is fueled by change and requires both ourselves and our companies to adapt quickly.

This session is a discussion of topics that can assist you in being an IT survivor. A review of past trends may give us clues to maintaining current skills and developing new skills. This will allow us to remain competitive as individuals and drive our businesses in the right direction for a future of change.

Be prepared to challenge your status quo, and leave with new ideas on how to become flexible enough to adjust quickly to new trends and directions and ensure your survival.

Trevor Perry  was born in a small town in the outback of Australia. He was raised on a vineyard from the age of four, in a valley surrounded by (what is known in Australia as) "the bush". His youth was spent pondering the mysteries of the universe, and generally finding mischief in all its forms - without the convenience of television.

Upon reaching an age where he had to leave high school, and knowing his math skills were some of his best talents, he was guided into accounting. While at college, he discovered computers (which immediately became his passion) and the day eventually came where he was employed as a computer consultant. Everything looked up from there, including a stint of four months in Chicago in 1986 on a consulting assignment. After some restless months back home in Melbourne, Trevor was invited to Chicago in mid-1988 for a permanent position.

By the time the 90s rolled around, Trevor was living in Fort Worth, Texas. He began travelling regularly across the United States as a speaker on many technical midrange subjects for user group meetings, seminars and conferences.

Later in the decade, he spent three years in Austin, where he indulged in many new and interesting activities. He was involved in the writing and poetry communities. Trevor auditioned for, and performed for two years in the performance company at the Texas Renaissance Festival. Returning to Fort Worth, Trevor spent three years in the performance company at the local renaissance faire near Dallas - Scarborough Faire.

He now resides on Long Island in New York, and is becoming acquainted with all the wonders of Manhattan and the north east.

Having been through an interesting journey of discovery himself, Trevor compiled many of the life lessons he had learned into several motivational sessions and returned to speaking with a newfound energy and passion.

Trevor's Australian heritage and unique sense of humor provide for a different perspective. His sessions are fast-paced, challenging and require only that you sit back and enjoy the ride as your new perspective is cultivated.

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