You Are Extraordinary!
Trevor Perry

December 3, 2013 FASUG Meeting

Every person on our planet is an individual. Each of us has unique fingerprints, retina, life experiences, parents, feelings, thoughts, and outlook. Each of us is extraordinary. Do you know how to leverage your own 'extraordinary' to change your world, change the world around you, and make a difference?

In this session, Trevor shows you how to adjust your own perspective and balance your work, your life and your family. He also shares with you the secret to personal motivation! You will leave this session feeling empowered to enrich your life, find your passion, and make a difference. No matter the outcome, you will thoroughly enjoy the journey you share today with all the other extraordinary people in the room. URXO represents a simple tenet: You are extraordinary! Tell yourself, and tell those around you who truly are XO!

This month's speaker

Trevor Perry is a popular speaker and consultant on modernization and IT strategy around the globe and occasionally at home in New York. His sessions on a united approach to IT and business strategies challenge traditional methods and lead companies as they move their IT organizations into the future. Outside of his IT role, Trevor forges new trails with his inspiring motivational sessions, and he is the author of the book "Never Iron When You Are Naked", which contains the best motivational stories you can read one page at a time.

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