XML Capabilities in an iSeries Environment
Leonardo LLames, Rochester

February 19th, 2002 FASUG Meeting

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a very important and strategic technology in the e-business environment. It has various implications ranging from the presentation or display of data all the way through the transfer of information from one company to another in a B2B environment. This presentation explains the features of XML, the justifications for using XML, related technologies (Including DTD, XML Schema, and XSL), and software products that utilize it. Typical scenarios for using this technology are described. Specific information regarding iSeries support is also presented (Can I process XML using RPG?). Java-based live demonstrations will also be shown.

Leonardo Lames is a Consulting Information Technology Specialist at the IBM Advanced Technical Support Organization (iSeries) in Rochester, MN and is a Certified I/T Specialist in the area of Application Development & Maintenance. He has been working in the areas of application and DB design, performance analysis, and client-server technologies in Rochester for the past 13 years. He now works in e-business technologies, particularly Java and WebSphere Application server environments on the iSeries platform. Prior to his exile to Rochester, he was an application developer (Traditional application technologies) for IBM business partners. He speaks at various conferences, including COMMON and the iSeries Technical Conference.

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