The Modern RPGDon Yantzi
     Main Attraction: ILE: So much more than just RPG IV
     Side Show: Free-form RPG

February 15, 2005 FASUG Meeting

The name "ILE RPG IV" contains two very important parts: "ILE" and "RPG IV". Since first appearing in 1995, lots of developers have already moved to RPG IV. It is the first part of this equation, ILE (the Integrated Language Environment), that is often misunderstood and under used. In this meeting we will take a look at the components of ILE (procedures, modules, service programs and activation groups) and how/why you would want to use them in your development. As an added bonus, we will finish off the meeting with a look at free-form RPG: how to code in free-form, some things to look out for, and how it can make RPG programs easier to read and maintain.

Don Yantzi
is the technical release lead for WebSphere Development Studio and WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries. He works at the IBM Toronto Lab and has been involved in the development and testing of the Remote System Explorer and VisualAge RPG. Don is a frequent speaker at COMMON and iSeries user group meetings.

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