A Joint Panel Discussion

Targeted to System i developers to explore some of the more recent and exciting alternate System i technologies.

Panel Members: Walden Leverich, Paul Trapani and Charles Kaplan

February 24, 2009 FASUG Meeting

Most IT applications being developed today, for both internal Intranet and external Internet users, are designed for access by browsers. A number of application development technologies are available to deliver browser accessed applications.

This session features a panel discussion of several leading technologies; Microsoft .NET, Open Source PHP, and Python, that are available on the iSeries and other platforms, and can access iSeries resources such as RPG programs and DB2/400 databases. These technologies are competitive and also complimentary. Certain applications will lend themselves to one solution or another or perhaps to more than one. Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each solution will help you to determine which best meets your needs.

Panel participants will first present a short overview of their solution area. Then this session will become highly interactive with questions to be posed by a moderator, and by the audience

Our Panel Members

Walden Leverich is a senior technology executive with hand-on knowledge and experience in IBM midrange (AS/400, System i, Power Systems) and Microsoft .Net and SQLServer technologies, including coexistence. Walden is currently a director of LISUG and a past president. His technical specialties include .NET, specifically C#, CIL, and ASP.Net, Institutional Review Boards (IRB), IBM Midrange (AS/400, iSeries, Power Systems) incl. RPG and Synon.

Walden Leverich is President/CEO at Tech Software, Inc. Tech Software is a leading provider of consulting services to both SMB and enterprise customers. With cross industry knowledge in both the Microsoft and IBM Midrange (AS/400, iSeries, Power) platforms Tech Software is able to bring the required knowledge to bear to solve your business IT problems. Walden is also the President/CEO at BEC Acquisition Co, LLC. Bankernes EDB Central provides Information Technology (IT) services to the financial sector. The company is based in Roskilde, Denmark.

Paul Trapani is a co-founder of the XT Group and an IT consulting and support company. He is a consultant and programmer with 10 years of experience, earned a master's degree in computer science from Hofstra University and has taught programming and other computer classes there. When he was in second grade he learned how to write a two line BASIC program on the Commodore Vic-20 and fell in love with computers and programming on the spot. Languages he has picked up since then includes: Assembly, Pascal, C, Prolog, Visual Basic, Business Basic, C++, Java, SQL, Javascript, PHP, Python and Ruby.

In his role at XT Group, he helps small and mid-size companies create or implement web applications. His expertise is integrating data between existing programs and systems and new ones.

Charles Kaplan is the Senior VP of Marketing of the Barsa Consulting Group LLC, a Purchase, NY based IBM Premier Business Partner specializing in IBM i Solutions. Charles is also the current President of the LISUG. Prior to Barsa Consulting, Charles was with the IBM Corp. in a number of management, marketing, technical support and staff positions in New York City area branch sales offices. He started his career as a computer programmer for CBS, Inc. in New York City. Charles also provides computer support and webmaster services for a number of business and hobby related non-profit organizations.

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