What Happens When I Click SUBMIT?

Walden Leverich

February 21, 2012 FASUG Meeting

Session Description:

At a high level we all know the answer, you click submit the server does something and you get a result, but how does that all work? This session will take a look behind the scenes of the web, from an understanding of what the initiates the request to a look at the communications that occur between the browser and the web server. What really happens when you complete a form? What’s a cookie, how is it passed and why do I care? I know HTTPS is more secure, but why, and how does it work? Having answers to these questions and more will enable you to write better web applications taking full advantage of the power of the web browser while providing a stable, high performance application to your end users.


Walden Leverich is the President and CEO of Tech Software, a software development and consulting company based in Melville, NY. He spends most of his (non-management) time working with customers to help them bring the data assets locked in their legacy systems to the Web. He is a member of the Microsoft IT Advisory Council, member of the Long Island .NET user group, Co-Chair of the LISTnet Cloud and SaaS SIG, and past president of the Long Island System Users Group. He is also a regular speaker at local and national user groups and conferences. Walden is an escapee from Clarkson University where, other than things academic, he learned that NCAA Division 1 hockey is better enjoyed from the stands, water freezes at a temperature that isn't all that cold after all, and you can meet your wife in college. When not doing geeky computer things, Walden enjoys getting mud on his Jeep, photography and watching Manchester United kick butt. The proud father of two girls and one boy, he’s extremely happy he has an office to escape to each morning. Walden welcomes comments and questions, blogs at blog.waldenl.com, and can be reached at WaldenL@techsoftinc.com  or @WaldenL on Twitter.

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