Modernizing Your File I/O with Data Structures

Brian May

February 18, 2014 FASUG Meeting

Session Description:

Using Data Structures with I/O operations has been around for a while now. Our friends at Rational continue to build more and more functionality around using Data Structures for I/O because of the restrictions that it eliminates. In this session, we will dive into the various enhancements to database I/O made possible with the use of Data Structures.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss general advantages of using Data Structures for I/O operations
  • Take a look at examples of various I/O opcodes using Data Structures
  • Discuss using Data Structures to handle program described files
  • Discuss %KDS built-in function and LIKEREC(*KEY) keyword
  • Explain local file support in i 6.1 and how Data Structures are used
  • Discuss new feature to allow long field names in i 7.1

    Biography: Our Speaker is Brian May, Profound Logic.

    Brian began his career as an RPG developer in 2001 working for a large apparel manufacturer. Over the years, he has become an award winning speaker and writer on topics related to RPG, PHP, and Open Source Software. Brian travels frequently to conferences and user group meetings as a speaker and representing the Young i Professionals, a group dedicated to promoting IBM i and Power Systems to new IT professionals. Brian is the webmaster and one of the leaders of the YiPs. In 2010, Brian became a Technical Editor for System iNews magazine. In April of 2011, he joined Profound Logic Software, where he is an IBM i Modernization Specialist.

    Recently, Profound Logic's Brian May was recognized by IBM for his ongoing contributions to the Power Systems community as an IBM Champion for Power Systems. Brian was recognized for his contributions to the Power i community, and most notably for his contributions to the user group community and YiPs, developer of the YiPs website and open source environment, plus his early adoption of social media and continued participation in the Power i conversation.

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