Shallow Dive into Database Modernization

Patrick Behr

February 21, 2017 FASUG Meeting

Session Description:

Learn how easy it is to convert DDS files to SQL tables (and why you should).


  • * Without recompiling anything!
  • * Remove those pesky "extension" files (you know, the ones you created because you needed additional fields but didn't want to add them to the file).
  • * Data-centric programming.
  • * Getting separation between applications and the database.
  • * Mask and/or hide sensitive data with RCSC (Row and Column Access Control).
  • * Limit data access on a need-to-know basis, even if users have *ALLOBJ authority!
  • * Virtually no application changes.
  • * Encrypt your data with FIELDPROC.
  • * Data, index, journals on disk or tape are encrypted.
  • * No one can get the data without the FieldProc program.
  • * Run programs using adopted authority.
  • * No more granting super powers to the users.



    Biography: Our Speaker is Patrick Behr, Profound Logic

    I have been a programmer on IBM i for many years, and I work at Profound Logic helping companies modernize their applications. While most of my professional experience has been programming with RPG and DB2 I have more recently been working with web technologies such as javascript, HTML, and CSS. I hope to help modernize IBM i one RPG programmer at a time! I am also an animal foster for FOCHP and Yorkie Rescue. My wife and I have been fostering for over 5 years and have fostered more than 300 dogs. While I fully intend to focus on programming, you can also expect dog pictures and stories.



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