Using DB2 and SQL with Open Source Languages on IBM i

Stephanie Rabbini

February 19, 2019 FASUG Meeting

Session Description:

DB2’s ever-expanding capabilities can simplify development in open source languages such as PHP, Ruby, Node.js, and Python. These languages, known for their ease in building web and mobile applications, can run most types of SQL, but why complicate them with repetitive database code that distracts from their power and simplicity?

This talk shows examples of how to reduce tedious coding by using such DB2 structures as Views, User Defined Functions, stored procedures, Row and Column Access Control (RCAC), LIMIT/OFFSET, exciting new DB2 Services, and more. Security, performance, and ease of maintenance in the open source scripting languages will be the result of the recommendations and techniques given in this talk.

Learning Objectives

Audience: Developers using open source languages such as PHP, Node.js, Python, or Ruby on IBM i with DB2.

Biography: Our Speaker is Stephanie Rabbini

A senior consultant for Seiden Group, Stephanie has been developing web applications on the IBM i for over 15 years. She previously worked for BCD Software Professional Services. She has developed a large range of applications including shopping cart, ordering, warehousing, dashboards, mobile/responsive applications, and many others for small to Fortune 500 companies. Steph has chosen PHP as her primary language, is Zend Framework 2 certified and has expertise in various web development technologies, including RPG and WebSmart. She also has in-depth experience with DB2, SQL, and the IBM i environment, and she consults on the ongoing development of the PHP Toolkit for IBM i. Recognized by IBM as a “Fresh Face of IBM i,” Steph also speaks at COMMON, ZendCon, and Local User Groups.



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