AS/400 iSeries B2B Survival Session
Al Grega, IBM

January 16th, 2001 FASUG Meeting

By 2004 over $6.8 trillion of business will be conducted in electronic commerce over the internet (Forrester Research). What will you do when your executives ask "What is our B2B strategy?". What will you do when your customers say "We only want to buy from an e-marketplace"?

This B2B Survival Session will cover the following:

This session is especially crucial for distribution and manufacturing businesses, but is also applicable to other industries. Don't be left out in the cold!!!

Al Grega is responsible for marketing of the AS/400e as an e-business server in North America. He joined IBM in 1978 and has over twenty two years of experience in IBM systems development, services and sales. He has held a number of positions including Operating System Developer, Customer Briefing Manager, AS/400 Services Specialist, and AS/400 Technical Sales Specialist. Al has also taught at the State University of New York at Farmingdale as part of their adjunct faculty.

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