Using SQL in an AS/400 Program
Fant Steele, Rochester

January 15th, 2002 FASUG Meeting

Using SQL in a High Level Language Program - SQL is IBM's relational database language that can be used to query, update and delete data from the database. SQL is becoming the 'de facto' industry standard for accessing distributed data. This session provides an overview of the commands to use in application programs to update, delete and access records or groups of records. See how to use SQL in your RPG, Cobol, or C programs on the iSeries.

Fant Steele is a Senior I/T Technical Specialist on the e-Business team in the AS/400 and iSeries Advanced Technical Support Group located in Rochester, MN. He specializes in network infrastructure, application development tools, and database related topics. Fant presents classes and seminars worldwide on many areas of iSeries communications technologies and e-Business. Prior to joining this group, Fant spent two and a half years as an Advisory ITSO Specialist for AS/400 in the International Technical Support Organization (ITSO), Rochester Center. While in the ITSO, Fant wrote several redbooks on communication and e-business topics. He spent eight years as an instructor and developer for the AS/400 communications and programming curriculum of IBM Education and Training. Prior to joining IBM in 1989, he worked on S/36 to AS/400 code conversion, VM/MVS systems programming, and applications programming for the manufacturing industry.

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