Introduction to Rational Team Concert on i
Linda Cole, Rational Software

January 20, 2009 FASUG Meeting

IBM Rational Team Concert for i (RTCi) is the next generation team collaboration product for developers on the IBM i platform. It provides an environment for RPG/COBOL and distributed (Java, EGL, PHP) development teams to specify and enforce a process for the team, and integrates capabilities such as source configuration management (SCM), work items (change management) and build into the team's process. RTCi also provides project planning, automated data collection and reporting that reduces administrative overhead and provides real-time insight required to effectively govern software projects. Based on IBM Rationalís new technology platform for collaborative software delivery known as Jazz, RTCi will significantly improve the productivity of your development team. Attend this session to see how! Come and see how Dashboards can make project management a lot easier on development projects.

Our Speaker is Nazmin Haji

Nazmin Haji has been working on what is now known as IBM i for the last 20 years. She has worked on the ILE RPG compiler, CODE, and was one of the key developers involved in the early design of WDSC. In the last few years has taken a variety of leadership roles including Team Lead and Technical Lead for Remote System Explorer for IBM i. She is now working on team collaboration tools for IBM i. Nazmin is a frequent speaker in conferences and user groups, and is also a co-author of the book, The Remote System Explorer: Modern Developer Tools for the System i.

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