Introduction to Web Development with PHP
John Valance, JValance Consulting

January 2013 FASUG Meeting

This presentation will provide an overview of how browser-based database applications work, with an iSeries audience in mind. It will demonstrate the client-side languages - HTML, CSS and JavaScript - and show how PHP scripts running on a server can dynamically build web pages including content from an iSeries database.

We will discuss the HTTP protocol and how web servers work with HTML and PHP, look at some common formatting techniques in HTML and CSS, demonstrate how HTML forms interact with PHP scripts, and show what JavaScript is and how it makes the browser more functional. With these basics concepts in mind, you should be able to make better decisions about how to sort through the many options available for web-enabling your legacy databases.

Learning Objectives:

  • 1. Provide an overview of how browser-based database applications work, with an iSeries audience in mind.
  • 2. Help RPG programmers and managers, with little or no web development experience, understand the major concepts and technologies involved in building web applications.
  • 3. Provide demos and code examples of the major languages involved in typical web applications: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL.


    This presentation is for beginner to novice web programmers, or those who would like to understand the technologies and languages involved in a typical web application. Recommended for RPG programmers interested in starting out with web development, or managers who would like to understand the major concepts and languages involved in developing web applications on iSeries.

    This month's speaker:

    John Valance is an independent consultant specializing in helping iSeries shops with new technology initiatives. He is also a trainer for Zend, specializing in the PHP Foundations Course for RPG Programmers. John has been doing application development on the IBM midrange line since 1983. Since 2000, he has been doing web application development for iSeries clients using a variety of technologies, including PHP, Java, ASP/VBScript, CGI/RPG, Webfacing, Perl, and SQL. He has presented to IBM user groups on a variety of subjects, including PHP, CGI, RPG Service Programs, WDSC, IBMs Webfacing tool, and SQL Stored Procedures.


    Code samples can be obtained by contacting John Valance directly.

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