Discovery workshop to Human Behavior

July 18th, 2000 FASUG Meeting

Join us in learning about DiSC, the universal language of observable human behavior. Scientific research has proven that people, in terms of "how they act," universally have similar characteristics. By learning these characteristics, we can increase communications, therefore increasing our understanding of each other. There is also evidence to support the conclusion that the most effective people are those who know themselves, recognize the demands of a situation, and adapt strategies to meet those needs. Mr. Patterson will share some powerful techniques for simplifying complex issues of human behavior, thus helping people discover and capitalize on their strengths, value differences, and work together successfully.

Terrence C. Patterson is the principal and owner of TCP Associates. For over fifteen years he has been directly involved in the leadership, coaching and development of hundreds of employees in the consumer goods, and health care industry. He has managed sales/consulting relationships with companies such as GTE Government Systems Corp., Coca-Cola, Syscon Corporation and Pepsi-Cola. In his most recent role, Terrence served as Director of Operations for Delta Dental of Massachusetts. Terrence's educational background includes a Masters of Education in management from Cambridge College, at Cambridge Massachusetts and a Masters of Healthcare Administration from Suffolk University, Sawyer School of Management, at Beacon Hill Massachusetts.

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