Advanced Error Handling for ILE and RPG IV
Russ Popeil - DataMirror

July 15th, 2003 FASUG Meeting

This session covers ILE user written condition handlers, ILE Cancel Handlers, ILE message Percolation and Promotion. A user written handler will be reviewed. Additionally we will cover RPG IV specific error handling topics, API error handling, and extracting job information when handling errors.

In this session learn:

  1. Coding and using ILE Condition Handlers
  2. Using *PSSR in RPG IV
  3. Using the E(rror) op code extender
  4. Using Monitor in RPG in V5R1
  5. Coding the Job Information API
  6. API Error Handling
  7. Extracting job information for a job's error condition

Russ Popeil works for DataMirror an IBM business partner specializing in High Availability Software. He has over 20 years experience on the IBM midrange platform. He is President of the Long Island Systems Users Group and a frequent speaker at Common, and other local user groups. He is the author of the book "RPG Error Handling technique, bulletproofing your applications". He has also written many articles for iSeries, Midrange Computer Magazines and MC Mag Online. He is an IBM Certified Solutions Expert, an IBM Certified RPGIV Developer, and a member of IBM's certification test writing team.

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