SQL Performance Basics for DB2 UDB for iSeries
Kent Milligan, PartnerWorld® for Developers

June 18th, 2002 FASUG Meeting

If you are thinking about using or have used SQL on the iSeries, then you need to understand how the iSeries database engine handles SQL requests. This session covers performance concepts that apply to any SQL interface (embedded SQL in applications, JDBC, ODBC). In this session, learn:
  1. The basics of access plans, open data paths (ODPs), and reusable ODPs.
  2. How these concepts directly affect performance.
  3. How to code high-performing SQL on the iSeries.

Kent Milligan is a DB2 UDB Technology Specialist in PartnerWorld® for Developers, iSeries. Kent spent the first eight years of his IBM career as a member of the DB2 development group in Rochester. He speaks and writes regularly on various iSeries and AS/400e relational database topics.

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