Backup and Recovery Strategies Update for iSeries 400
Debbie Saugen, IBM Rochester

March 19th, 2002 FASUG Meeting

A complete Backup and Recovery strategy is key to any business. Learn what you need to know to update your Backup/Recovery Strategy for Logical Partitioned Systems, Lotus Notes (Domino and Quickplace) Servers, Windows Servers, Linux in a Partition and the use of Independent ASPs. New technologies and functions that are available on the iSeries 400 to help reduce your backup and recovery windows, including the use of the Backup, Recovery and Media Services (BRMS) product, will also be covered.

Debbie Saugen is the Technical Owner of iSeries 400 and AS/400 Backup and Recovery in the Rochester, MN Development Lab. She is also a Senior Business Recovery Architect/Consultant with IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services. Debbie ensures the Backup and Recovery Solution meets the customer's requirements in capability and usability. As a recognized expert on Backup and Recovery worldwide, Debbie enjoys sharing her knowledge by speaking at Common, iSeries 400 and AS/400 Technical Conferences, Business Continuity and Recovery Services Conferences, User Group conferences and writing for various iSeries and AS/400 magazines, books and websites.

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