Using ASP.NET to web-enable iSeries Applications
Walden Leverich - Tech Software

March 8, 2005 FASUG Meeting

Static HTML not cutting it? How to use .Net to access iSeries Applications. Want to be able to extend all that good business data in your iSeries to a browser? This is for you! Building on your knowledge of static HTML, we'll look at how you can generate it at runtime from ASP.NET and C# (C-Sharp). We'll look at both simple read-only presentation and more advanced interaction for create/change/delete using forms.
If we can get a reliable connection to the internet we'll actually pull data live off an iSeries, if not, we'll pull it from a local SQLServer -- but in either case the process you'll go through is almost identical, and I'll point out the differences along the way.

Our Speaker is Walden Leverich President and CEO of Tech Software, a consulting and professional services company. He spends most of his (non-management) time working with customers to help them bring the data assets locked in their legacy systems (iSeries and non-iSeries) to the Web. He is a current board member and past president of the Long Island System Users Group, an iSeries focused user group and can be found lurking - and stirring up trouble - on the midrange-l mailing list. He is an escapee from Clarkson University where, other than things academic, he learned that NCAA Division 1 hockey is better enjoyed from the stands, water freezes at a temperature that isn't all that cold after all, and you can meet your wife in college. The proud father of two girls and one boy he's extremely happy he has an office to escape to each morning.

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