RPG /Free Format Enhancements Since 7.1

Matt Spies

March 18, 2014 FASUG Meeting

Session Abstract:
Another significant milestone has arrived in the 50+ year history of the RPG language. Gone are several of the fixed format specifications, replaced with many new free format op codes that give RPG a modern look and read.

Come to this pre session and see how new life has been given to the RPG language.
Our Speaker:

Programming computers came as early as elementary school with paper fed terminals and dial up modems on a rotary phone. Now, Matt Spies enjoys IBM Power Systems hardware running IBM i 7.1, ERP software with modern and legacy interfaces, and can program the office phone switch when called upon.

A member of FASUG, contributing with updating its website, come and see for yourself how Matt does making presentations!

Matt's LinkedIn profile is here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mattspies


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