The DevOps Playing Field-The Tools of Ignorance

Floyd Del Muro

March 19, 2019 FASUG Meeting

Session Abstract:
The tools of ignorance is a nickname for a catchers protective equipment: catchers mask, chest protector, and shin guards. The usage was meant to be ironic, contrasting the intelligence needed by a catcher to handle the duties of the position with the foolishness needed to play a position hazardous enough to require so much protective equipment. The world of IT is very much the same. In this session, we will take a walk through the DevOps diamond of concepts, history, offerings and best practices. How intelligence is required but also the concept of teamwork and the significant role teamwork plays in the final results. Avoidable mistakes can jeopardize the adoption success in a DevOps strategy and add peril to your production dreams and business value stream. The statistics are in to demystify the myth, you can deploy changes faster with less errors.

Our Speaker: Floyd Del Muro With 27 years of experience on the IBM midrange platform, Floyd is Technology and DevOps Advocate for the ARCAD Software group. In his role at ARCAD Software, Floyd has been extensively involved in the management of DevOps and Enterprise Modernization projects on IBM i, from planning stages through to delivery. His expertise in hybrid application development makes him a trusted advisor for companies in project rollout, managed services and the introduction of agile methods. Floyd is a trusted global speaker on the subjects of DevOps, Release Management, Modernization and Version Control.



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