Breathing New Life into AS/400 Applications

May 16th, 2000 FASUG Meeting

Today, AS/400 Shops, both large and small, are faced with more challenges than ever before. One of these challenges is application modernization, which can include providing a nifty GUI front end to tired green screen applications or Web-enabling legacy applications, completely replacing parts of the application portfolio with off-the-shelf componentry, leveraging new business intelligence tools, and everything in between. This session will help to put these choices into a workable framework and provide a starting point for users who are about to embark on the application modernization path as well as some new incentives for those who are waiting on the sidelines.

Janet Krueger: Janet is a consulting software engineer at Minnesota's Rochester Technology Center, a division of IT consultancy D.H. Andrews Group. Janet worked for IBM in Rochester, Minnesota for 23 years. Her most recent IBM accomplishments were in the AS/400 Partners in Development group, where she created the Tools Network for the AS/400 program. Janet was the lead designer for PC Support/400 from 1987 through 1993, and acted as a technical liaison between the Novell corporation and the Rochester Programming Lab for 3 years. Janet joined IBM in 1976, working in programming language development for the System/34. Later, Janet transferred to the programming support area, designing and coding both MVS and VM application development tools for internal IBM use. Janet has been one of the primary strategists on transforming the AS/400 application base into a set of competitive e-business solutions. In 1998, Janet received an AS/400 Division Award for her long-term contribution to AS/400 application modernization. Janet is an award winning COMMON speaker, and received COMMON's Distinguished Service Award in 1999.

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