OS/400 V5R2 Announcements
Steve Fier, IBM

May 21st, 2002 FASUG Meeting

The official IBM "Management Summary" of the V5R2 release starts with: IBM continues to demonstrate industry leadership in commercial processing by providing mainframe technology with iSeries ease of use. The 37,400 CPW, 32-way, POWER4 processor i890 model has 1.85x more CPW than the 24-way model i840, memory is doubled to 256GB and disk is doubled to 72TB. The iSeries joins the zSeries and pSeries utilizing IBM's 8th generation of 64-bit RISC processors, the POWER4. Mainframe processor and packaging technology is used throughout the POWER4 platforms. OS/400 V5R2 provides support for POWER4 processors and extends current function with numerous enhancements in systems management and compliance to industry standards.

Independent ASP function now supports user libraries to allow data, programs and other objects to be attached to multiple iSeries servers to extend application availability during both planned and unplanned down time. OS/400 is enhanced to support 64-bit LINUX, GRID computing, IP V6, Lotus Domino V6, Websphere Portal Server, and Windows Cluster Service. This is a very robust new release of OS/400. There are no other iSeries hardware announcements planned for 2002.

This is a large software release besides the new hardware (yeah, IBM likes selling hardware but sometimes they forget that we like to hear the software details). Steve Fier will tell us what WE want to know. Come to the meeting and get the news.

Steve Fier a senior certified specialist, has spent the past 22 years in IBM midrange server divisions. Currently, he works across the Northeast Area. His expertise is DB2/400, competition with Oracle and SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Internet technology.

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