FASUG: RPG Seminar - 3 Hot Topics in One Event!  
Afternoon 1: The Power of Prototypes
Afternoon 2: RPG Meets the Web  
After Dinner: RPG IV – New features in V5R1 and V5R2

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Date & Time: Tuesday May 20, 2003 - 2:00 to 9:00
  Registration is from 1:15 to 2:00 .
Location:  Norwalk Inn  99 East Ave.  Norwalk CT.
Topic:  Special RPG Event
Speaker: Jon Paris, Partner400
Cost:  Members $60 a person.  Non-Members Add $30.


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RPG Seminar - 3 Hot Topics in One Event!
Afternoon 1: The Power of Prototypes
Since much "Power Programming" in RPG depends on exploiting the capabilities of Prototypes, we will start with them.  Starting with demonstrating their use to 'bullet proof' program calls, we will move on to using prototypes to access system functions and the C function library.

Afternoon 2: RPG Meets the Web
RPG Meets the Web (or How "Printing" to the Web can make you a hero with your users.)  This session will show you how you can convert printed reports to deliver them to your users via the browser.  We will introduce you to a simple technique that allows you convert reports in minutes rather than hours!  We'll also show just how easy it is to extend the functionality of these 'reports' to include graphics and links to other applications.  In addition to teaching you the basic mechanics of CGI programming we will also briefly introduce you to a powerful tool available free from IBM to assist your CGI programming tasks.  This is IBM's CIDEV2 library and its companion web site www.easy400.ibm.it - you'll be amazed at how much IBM is giving away!

After Dinner: RPG IV – New features in V5R1 and V5R2
If you thought previous releases of RPG IV introduced some powerful new features wait 'til you see V5R1 and V5R2!  These are the biggest RPG IV releases ever.  There are more built-in functions, full interoperability with Java, free-form syntax, and much, much more.  The biggest challenge we face is in deciding what to leave out of this (usually double) session!  Major topics to be covered include:
    Coding completely free-form calculation specifications;
    Using the new built-in functions to manipulate dates, times and more;
    Simplifying error handling by using the new MONITOR function;
    Simplifying control of file usage without overrides through new H-spec options;
    Calling Java methods from RPG (and RPG "methods" from Java)
    Support for qualified data names New Data Structure (DS) facilities for Arrays and Nested DS;
    Powerful extensions to support for Externally Described DS;
    Extensions to basic I/O support including new approaches for keyed I/O operations;
    New facilities for conversion of character fields to numeric, and much more.

    Our Speaker for this event is: Jon Paris, Partner400.  Jon Paris has been in the data processing industry for over 30 years.  He runs Partner400, an iSeries and AS/400 consulting company focused training and mentoring services related to Application Modernization.  Jon is a frequent speaker at user group meetings and conferences around the world.

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