FASUG   Present & Future of iSeries Programming

Fairfield AS/400 User Group

Date:                    Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Time:          1:00 PM - 8:00PM, Registration begins at 12:15

Location:                    Norwalk Inn, 99 East Ave.  Norwalk, CT.

Fee:                    FREE for members

                    New Membership $48 individual, $180 corporate

                    Dinner is included. Space is limited so register early.

                    No-shows will incur $50 fee


You are an RPG (or COBOL) programmer that uses PDM and SEU. There is a lot of talk about things like Eclipse, WebSphere and WebFacing. Is there room for you and your skills in this new world? Indeed there is. The new world of the Web is accessible to you and your team, in incremental, do-able and affordable steps. The sessions that will be presented will cover the following topics:


Afternoon 1: The iSeries Developer Roadmap

Intro to Websphere Development Studio

Whats New in WDS (V5R3) and WDSc V5.1.2
Modern tools for RPG/COBOL Programmers (Remote System Explorer & iSeries Project

The iSeries Developer Roadmap can be found at www.ibm.com/iseries/roadmap

Afternoon 2: Webfacing: from Green to Web


Afternoon 3: Web Tools for RPG/Cobol Programmers


After Dinner: Intro to Enterprise Generation Language

Enterprise Generation Language is a new language for RPG/Cobol Programmers.  It is designed to build cross-platform web applications without knowing Java.


Our Speaker for this event is: George Farr, IBM Toronto

George Farr has a specialized honors degree in computer science from York University in Toronto. He joined the IBM Toronto Laboratory on May 1985.  Currently he is the Technical Manager for all of the RPG compilers on the AS/400, NT, and Windows 95/98/2000. In addition, he is the Technical Development Manager for a new generation of tooling based on the Eclipse technology. He is a frequent award-winning speaker at COMMON and conferences worldwide.

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