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Paul Tuohy, ComCon

May 15, 2007 FASUG EXTENDED Meeting

Session 1 - 2:30 to 3:45 - Embracing RPG IV and ILE

As RPG programmers continue to move to RPG IV and ILE they bring a lot of old RPG III habits with them. Old habits die hard and, even though they may be making use of some of the new language features, are they making full use of what RPG IV and ILE have to offer?

This session discusses some of the language features and methodologies programmers should be embracing and some of the more traditional approaches they should be discarding.

Session 2 - 4:00 to 5:15 - How Does RPG Talk to a Browser

How is it possible for an RPG program to be called from a web browser? How can an RPG program output to a web page? What is a HTTP server? What is CGI? This session explains how it works with easy to understand examples.

In this session, learn:

5:15 to 6:45 Networking & Cocktails, followed by Dinner

Session 3 - 6:45 to 8:15 - Considerations for a Successful ILE Implementation

Although it is very rare that the implementations of any two ILE projects are exactly the same, there are a lot of ground rules that are required in all implementations.

This session discusses some of the considerations for a successful ILE implementation including how to control and manage the development environment, development tools to use, design considerations (Activation Groups, Binding Directories, using Service Programs) and documenting procedures.

Our Speaker, Paul Tuohy, has worked in the development of IBM Midrange applications since the '70s. He has been IT manager for Kodak Ireland Ltd. and Technical Director of Precision Software Ltd. and is currently CEO of ComCon, a midrange consultancy company based in Dublin, Ireland. He has been teaching and lecturing since the mid-'80s.

Paul is the author of " Re-engineering RPG Legacy Applications", "The Programmers Guide to iSeries Navigator" and the self teach course "iSeries Navigator for Programmers". He writes regular articles for iSeries 400 Experts Journal, Search400 and System i Network and is one of the quoted industry experts in the IBM Redbook "Who knew you could do that with RPG IV?".

He is also an award winning speaker who speaks regularly at US Common conferences.

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