RPG & the Web, Accessing external DB with RPG, and Consuming WebServices from RPG with HTTPAPI

May 19, 2009 Afternoon and early evening FASUG Meeting

We are doing a special 3 session May meeting this year, to sharpen your RPG skills.
The first session will start at 2:00, the 2nd session will start at 3:30, and the last session will be right after dinner.

RPG & the Web, Accessing external DB with RPG, and Consuming WebServices from RPG with HTTPAPI

If you have never seen Scott Klement, you are in for a real treat. Bring your questions for Mr. RPG as well.

  1. RPG & the Web: I've written some business logic in RPG. Now how do I make it available through a web interface? It seems like there are a million ways to web-enable an RPG program, and choosing the right technology to do so is a daunting task.

    The April 2008 issue of System iNEWS magazine provided a service program containing RPG business rules, and showed how to write a web front end and call that service program from three different web development languages (CGIDEV2, PHP, and Java). So readers can get a feel for the differences between them.

    This presentation summarizes what you'll find in that issue, and will hopefully help you along the road to deciding on a technology for your own apps.


  2. Access External DB with RPG: RPGers often need to access data from 3rd party databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and DB2 on other platforms. One way to do this is by using Java database (JDBC) drivers. Scott will share his experience in using this technique and show you how you can access non-i5OS databases from your RPG programs.


  3. Consuming WebServices from RPG with HTTPAPI. Web services have taken the world of IT by storm. This session discusses what a Web Service is and how the free HTTPAPI tool can be used to access (i.e. "consume") them from your RPG programs. This session provides examples of consuming currency exchange and UPS package tracking web services from RPG.

Our Speaker:

 Scott Klement 

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