"Thirty SQL Tips in Sixty Minutes "
Ted Holt

May 17, 2011 FASUG Meeting

Session Abstract:
SQL is THE data access language. It runs interactively from green screens and System i Navigator. It's in RPG and COBOL programs, in ODBC and JDBC. It's ubiquitous, and it's everywhere, too! You can't know too much about SQL. This session presents a collection of powerful, effective, and easily implemented SQL tips and techniques. These tips and techniques are based on i5/OS, but many of them apply equally to other platforms. There's something for everyone, from the SQL novice to the advanced user. Come learn some new techniques and reacquaint yourself with some you may have forgotten.

Our Speaker:

Ted Holt has been working with midrange systems since 1981 and has been associated with Midrange Computing since 1990. In addition to serving as a senior technical editor for Midrange Computing, he is a consultant specializing in EDI, Y2K, and AS/400 application development. He holds a master of science degree in computer science, and has taught in many universities and technical schools. Because Ted has been a programmer for many years, he understands the challenges facing AS/400 programmers. He understands both S/36 and AS/400 native software, and therefore he understands what problems programmers face and how to fix them. Readers count on him for solid programming advice and tips.

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