"RPG Droid - Developing Your First Android Application"

Aaron Bartell

May 15, 2012 FASUG Meeting

Session Abstract:
Abstract: I recently switched from a Blackberry to a Motorola Google Android (aka Droid) for my mobile device. While sitting in an airport waiting for a delayed flight I decided I would see how much work was involved in creating a simple Android application from scratch. Turns out it only took about 45 minutes and that included downloading the entire Android development environment! That got me excited because I realized I could not only develop something that ran on the Droid platform but also that it could easily communicate with RPG on IBM i using the OpenRPGUI free and open source framework.

This session will guide you through setting up the Droid development environment on your PC. Then we will develop a “hello world” Droid application and run it in the provided emulator – this means you don't need to own a Droid phone to test this out! Lastly we will walk through a full working example showing how to have the Droid phone talk to OpenRPGUI via HTTP.

Why would you want to learn how to write Droid applications? Because the Google Android platform is fast becoming one of the most popular mobile device platforms in existence. More and more people are using their mobile devices for things normally done from a laptop or desktop. This means your customers or other internal employees (i.e. C-level executives) will soon start expecting you to offer them the capability to communicate with your data through mobile devices.

Our Speaker:

Aaron Bartell is a Senior Software Developer for Krengel Technology Inc. Aaron focuses much of his development in the area of creating modern applications using RPG and Java on the IBM i and Android platforms. He is the lead developer of RPG-XML Suite (www.rpg-xml.com) and the primary "pusher" of OpenRPGUI.com. He enjoys being part of the strong IBM i community through forum participation, article writing and providing open source software on his personal website - http://MowYourLawn.com. Aaron has most recently been pursuing how he can use his abilities to benefit those in need. He started the site www.SofwareSavesLives.com as a mechanism to raise money for digging clean water wells in Africa and feeding starving children. Aaron lives with his wife and five children in southern Minnesota and enjoys playing electric and bass guitar with the band he is in, Scattered Showers (www.ScatteredShowersMusic.com)

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