Make your RPG Applications Better with PHP - Brian May, Garan, Inc

November 17, 2009 FASUG Meeting

Make your RPG Applications Better with PHP
Using PHP to deliver IFS files to your users from your existing applications

PHP is the new player in the IBM i ecosystem and is definitely making some noise. The addition of PHP to our favorite operating system
opens up many possibilities, such as running open source LAMP applications and implementing PHP based user interfaces for IBM i applications.

"While these are both exciting options to explore, and I highly recommend doing so, you do not have to jump into PHP with both feet
to get real benefits for your company quickly. On a smaller scale, PHP’s powerful functionality can be used in conjunction with
your existing RPG applications, even green screen apps! In this presentation, we will walk through using a simple PHP script
to deliver any file from the IFS directly to the user’s PC."

Our Speakers, Brian May is an MIS Project Leader for Garan, Inc., a New York based apparel company, as well as a coordinator and webmaster for the Young i Professionals. He also serves on numerous committees within COMMON and is a member of advisory groups for both IBM and Zend. Brian writes articles and speaks on topics related to RPG, PHP, and recruiting of new IBM i professionals. He has been working with IBM i since 2001.

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