Why and How of DB Modernization
Jim Ritchhart

October 15, 2013 FASUG Meeting

As most everyone in the IBM i community knows, IBM has had an ongoing major initiative across the IBM i platform called Database Modernization. It’s the process of moving your DDS (Data Description Specification) defined PF (Physical File) and LF (Logical File) to DDL (Data Definition Language) defined tables, views and indexes.

There have been quite a few articles written on these subjects and most authors have focused on one major decision criteria – speed. Using this as the one and only criteria, most authors on the subject come to the conclusion of “It depends” and “you don’t need to convert all your PF to SQL Tables or all your traditional I/O to embedded SQL”.

I’m going to add one more criteria to your decision tree. That is flexibility!

This presentation lays out the reasons why (benefits) everyone should modernize their database and convert to DDL. Then I will give the methodology IBM is recommending so that converting you DDS to DDL does NOT require you to recompile or change your current programs.

Our Speaker:

Jim Ritchhart is the manager of database administration for Uline, a $2.4 billion shipping-supplies company. His responsibilities include DB2 for i, SQL Server and Oracle. His career has spanned more than 25 years of application development and system design. He began as a programmer developing applications for Baxter Healthcare and Handy Andy Home Improvement Center, then consulted for Kraft Foods and Londen Insurance Company before joining Uline.



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