Consuming a RESTful Web Service using newer functons in DB2

Ed Blahut

October 18, 2016 FASUG Meeting

We will take a real world example of consuming a RESTful web service via the newer SYSTOOLS.HTTP functions offered in DB2 for IBMi.

We will be showing some basic XMLTABLE and XMLPARSE constructs to get a "relational view" of the data exported by the web service; then imagine creating a "view" over that data allowing that web service to be used as any other non-keyed "logical" file.


Our Speaker: Ed Blahut, is an eCommerce Programmer/ Analyst at Wacoal America. He has been in the IBM midrange world as far back as the late 70's, starting on the IBM System/3, moving on to the System/34, S/36 and ending up on this IBMi POWER platform ever since. His greatest passion professionally has been to demonstrate the power of DB2/SQL to fellow colleagues, employers and clients over the last two decades.   Ed is currently heavily involved in the eCommerce world integrating Websphere and IBMi solutions.

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