Client Access
"Turning others green (with envy) as you use PC5250"

September 19th, 2000 FASUG Meeting

PC5250 is one of the most commonly used options in Client Access, yet there are many emulation capabilities users (and administrators) are not aware of. This presentation covers how to create one workstation profile for multiple users yet still have unique workstation id, how to start multiple sessions with one icon, and how to make some of those sessions show up on your toolbar but not on your desktop. This presentation will also cover how to customize and optimize your PC5250 display emulation sessions. Learn how to set up macros and hotspots for menu options, ways to improve macro performance, and other productivity improvements. Be assured you will learn many tips that will improve your productivity. And if that weren't enough, Becky will also cover the following Printer emulation topics: 1. The different methods of Printer emulation available with PC5250 and which to use. 2. 'COR'ing and how to use scaling to produce the output you want (or how to get 198 characters on a single page)

Becky Schmieding is a Certified Project Manager (PMP) and a Senior Programmer at IBM Rochester. She is the project manager responsible for Client Access, AS/400 IFS, AS/400 NetServer, Host Servers, Management Central, and the Java Toolbox. She is also responsible for the integration of other IBM software products onto the AS/400.

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