Journal Performance: Lessons learned and coming attractions
Larry Youngren, IBM Rochester

September 17th, 2002 FASUG Meeting

We'll explore some of the most recent journal-related performance findings. Some come from ongoing lab benchmark testing with V5R2. Others were gleaned from a recently completed Redbook residency in Rochester, MN which concentrated exclusively on striving to achieve optimal journal performance. You'll walk away with a new understanding of which techniques have the biggest bang-for-the-buck.

You'll get to meet a real live microcoder who spends most days deep in the lower layers of the iSeries OS/400.

We'll also identify which of the newest V5R1 journal features of OS/400 are probably worth a second look and we'll pull back the curtain a bit and give you a sneak peak at one of the most impressive new Journal offerings for V5R2.

Larry Youngren  attended his first Local User's group nearly 20 years ago. At that time he was still an IBM newbie just getting his feet wet and meeting customers for the first time.

Now, 20 years later, Larry serves as a microcode designer for the lower layers of the eServer iSeries operating system and frequently assists folks who consult with customers regarding High Availability and Journal performance issues.

Since joining IBM in 1976, he has worked exclusively with the microcode, first for the S/38 and now for the iSeries. He has led the teams responsible for Data Base, Commit, Checksums, System-Managed-Access-Path-Protection, and Journal.

His current assignment involves future performance and recovery improvements affecting journaling and Save-While-Active. He and his team have recently authored an IBM Redbook entitled "Striving for Optimal Journal Performance".

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