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Walden Leverich - Tech Software

September 14, 2010 FASUG Meeting

Web Services are key to inter-system communications today, in many cases replacing the role EDI would have played just a few years ago. In this session Walden will look at Web Services, what they are, why you care and how to use them. Walden will address both "big web services" (XML and SOAP) and RESTful services (integral to many Ajax services), their protocols, advantages and disadvantages and when to use which. In this session we will have a quick XML overview then look at the details of a Web Services Descriptor Language (WSDL) file, the heart of SOAP services. We will review the differences between SOAP and REST services, and why REST can be simpler to use in many cases. We will also look at how to both implement and consume a web service from several of the popular iSeries development environments including RPG, PHP and .NET.

Our Speaker:

Walden Leverich is the President and CEO of Tech Software, a consulting and professional services company. He spends most of his (non-management) time working with customers to help them bring the data assets locked in their legacy systems (iSeries and non-iSeries) to the Web. He is a current board member of the Long Island .NET user group, Co-Chair of the LISTnet Cloud and SaaS SIG, and past president of the Long Island System Users Group.

Walden is an escapee from Clarkson University where, other than things academic, he learned that NCAA Division 1 hockey is better enjoyed from the stands, water freezes at a temperature that isn't all that cold after all, and you can meet your wife in college. When not doing geeky computer things, Walden enjoys getting mud on his Jeep, and photography. The proud father of two girls and one boy hes extremely happy he has an office to escape to each morning.

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