Cybersecurity:  A Tale of Two Cities

Westley McDuffie

September 17, 2019 FASUG Meeting

Session Abstract:


When I started the research for this, it is intended to be a technical-ish discussion on two breaches that have recently occurred. One is the largest in history (at the time of the writing) an the other is a little known, but to a handful of folks. It is based on what we observed, both companies reactions to what happened, and what we were able to glean from what happened.

Marriott: 500 Million records breached from a problem they bought. Literally.

Arizona Iced Tea: Millions of dollars in sales lost from a ransomware attack.

Each company survived their respective incidents, but how each company handled the incidents, themselves, and their clients speaks volumes on wisdom and foolishness.

Our Speaker: Westley McDuffie joined IBM in March 2007 as a Security Evangelist, Federal Sales Team supporting DoD and intelligence community clients. He is responsible educating IBM’s federal customers, from building secure infrastructures to true security intelligence. Westley has more than 25 years’ experience in military-oriented analysis, network infrastructure and information security combined with 12 years of classroom-led instruction. Westley's dedication to educating customers in the art of information security has earned numerous accolades in the security industry.


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